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World Ports

Freighter ships do not always use the same ports as cruise liners, they will often dock at a container terminal, which can be located quite a way out from the city centre. More information can be found from the port authority for the major container terminals worldwide that are regular destinations on the main shipping routes.

It is important that you do NOT use the list below as your only source of reference - it is YOUR responsibility to check with your agent exactly which port or container terminal your ship is arriving or departing from - this list is only offered as an approximate guide.

I have tried to make this list as accurate as possible, but I make no guarantees that it is error free - please also be aware that there can sometimes be more than one port serving a particular city - so you must use this information with caution and at your own risk. accepts no liability if you miss your ship!


Port of Boston
Port of Charleston
Port of Galveston
Port of Long Beach
Port of Miami
Port of New York Container Terminal
Port of Newark - Port Newark Container Terminal
Port of New Orleans - Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal
Port of Oakland
Port of San Diego
Port of Seattle


Port of Montreal
Port of Quebec
Port of Vancouver

Northern Europe

Port of Antwerp
Port of Felixstowe
Port of Hamburg
Port of Le Havre
Port of Rotterdam
Port of Southampton

Southern Europe

Port of Barcelona
Port of Lisbon
Port of Valencia


Port of Adelaide
Port of Brisbane
Port of Darwin
Port of Hobart (Tasmania)
Port of Melbourne
Port of Fremantle
Port of Sydney

New Zealand

Port of Auckland
Port of Lyttleton
Port of Wellington


Port of Colombo
Port of Hong Kong
Port of Jakarta
Port of Karachi
Port of Manila
Port of Mumbai (Bombay)
Port of Shanghai
Port of Singapore
Port of Yokohama


Port of Alexandria
Port of Cape Town
Port of Casablanca
Port of Dakar
Port of Durban
Port of Lagos
Port of Mombassa
Port of Port Elizabeth
Port of Tunis

South America

Port of Antofagasta
Port of Callao
Port of Buenos Aires
Port of Montevideo
Port of Rio de Janeiro
Port of Valparaiso